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Minutes of the AGM of SAGG held on Monday June 7th 2010

1.  Present : Jan Kippax (in the Chair)  Nick Leeming, Sue Maughan, Ray Din, Rod Hardman, Martin Guerrero, Gina Parker.
Apologies: Wendy Bond, Marie Wood, Jenny Pandrich

2.Accounts; Jan reported that Marie had unfortunately been unable to complete the annual accounts in time for the meeting. Jan however was able to provide a summary of figures from March onwards; grants of £8,000 and £792 going towards the purchase of traps, public liability insurance, expenses and wages etc. leaving a closing balance of £3486 which will cover costs for the next 3 months.
Full accounts will be prepared as soon as possible.
Acceptance of the interim report was proposed by Rod, 2nd by Ray and carried unanimously.

3. Constitution; a proposal to formally change the name of the group to Squirrel action Greenhead and Gilsland was proposed by Jan, 2nd by Ray and agreed.
Other minor changes were agreed to clarify the area covered by the group and it was also agreed that in the event of the group being dissolved assets would revert to the Northern Red Squirrels.
The re-worded constitution will be circulated to the group for their confirmation.

4. Committee; It was agreed that no changes would be made at this time.

5. RSST Project Update; Jan gave an update on the project and proposals for the next few months.

6. AOB.
a) Trapping – Rod gave an update of recent trapping work, 106 greys have been trapped since March. Records are kept of those caught and also of any reds although Rod is currently not licenced to handle, and therefore weigh, the latter. There are signs that reds are coming back and a positive report of a red at the lower end of Haltwhistle is encouraging. Inactivity is a good sign in a way as it suggests a reduction in greys.
Some discussion took place concerning the areas to be concentrated on. Jamie Stewart is to be contacted regarding the boundary to the west.
Nick offered to assist Rod with the trapping work.
b)Data Base – Ray gave a resume of his data base which records sightings of greys and reds in areas being worked, as well as details of gender, weight etc. of greys trapped.  Similar records are kept for traps held by others, but with less detail available.
It was noted that the Red Squirrel Conservation Framework proposes to include a mapping project and data base and it was felt that Rays system would be very suitable as a basis.
c) Web Site – It was agreed that the website should be updated to include a summary of sightings and trappings on a monthly basis.
d) Rod asked if any local vet is willing to treat reds with the pox. Jan stated that Colin Lindsay from Haltwhistle vets has indicated that he will try, but it was felt that sadly infected reds are rarely caught at a point when treatment is practical.
e) Denton Fell – Sue reported that a response had been received from RSPB concerning felling proposals at Denton Fell.  Reassuringly the RSPB have taken squirrels into consideration in their proposals. They have offered to keep us informed of any sightings.
f) Show Stands – Jan reported that she has booked a stand for the group at Gilsland Show on August 8th
It was agreed that there would be no table at Greenhead Farmers Market in June but we should do July.
We have been offered a table at Cumberland Show on July 17th

7. North of England Red Squirrel Conservation Framework.  Jan reported on information received which seems to indicate that a co-ordinator has been appointed without the post having been advertised.

The meeting closed after giving thanks again to Jan for all the work she undertakes for the group.

SAGG C Kippax 2007