Squirrel Action Greenhead & Gilsland
Northumberland National Park
Helping red squirrels stand up for themselves.

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Welcome to Squirrel Action Greenhead & Gilsland (S.A.G.G.). This group was formed in March 2007 to try to protect the red squirrel population in the area that is now under threat from invading grey squirrels.

Photo courtesy Stewart Hingston on road down to Eals

To achieve this, we aim:

  • To alert our local community to the danger to our red squirrels and recruit volunteers to help combat this threat.
  • To encourage monitoring of red squirrel activity, forwarding reports to Save Our Squirrels (SOS Northumberland/Cumbria.
  • To receive and record reports of local sightings of grey squirrels.
  • To distribute traps to reliable observers and assist with the humane dispatch of the grey squirrels.
  • To take blood samples to monitor the progress of the Squirrel Pox Virus.
  • To liaise with all other similar local groups working to protect red squirrels.
  • To raise funds to make all this work possible.

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